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Pinwheel is in the Lead for Fiber

3:27PM April 10, 2018

It's been a little over a month since we launched our new fiber website ( and we've seen a huge amount of interest in fiber! As of today, 75 Supporters have voiced their interest in fiber. A lot of people want fiber! Currently, Pinwheel Street is in first place and only needs four more signups to reach it's goal! Henry Road is in second and catching up. The first area to meet their goal will get fiber first. So, tell your neighbors to visit to signup! There's no obligation and those who signup on the website get FREE fiber installation (restrictions apply).

If you aren't sure how to tell your neighbors about fiber, we've put together a Fiber Champion Kit. This kit includes everything you need to champion fiber to your neighbors and friends. It includes a letter with talking points, flyers that explain the benefits of fiber and even a t-shirt and some other goodies. These kits are FREE and are a great way to get your neighbors on-board. To get a Fiber Champion kit, just contact our office at 702.397.2601 or by email at and we'll mail one to you.

Thank you for signing up for fiber. We know that with your continued support, we can eventually bring fiber to 100% of Moapa Valley!

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