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Fiber Update 5/2/2022

7:51PM May 02, 2022

Overton North: Construction is complete and MVT staff are working to bring fiber to your door. If you're registered at then we'll be calling you when we're ready to connect you. If you aren't registered, now is the time! It's free and easy to register.

Overton Central: Construction is nearly finished and this summer you will be connected to fiber and able to experience all the power and benefits that come with this connection.

Logandale: We have our eyes on you! With the ever-increasing need for internet speed, we hired a contractor to help us speed-up our fiber builds. We started working with a contractor at the beginning of March in Logandale, specifically a one-to-two-mile radius around the Logandale Post Office. They have installed fiber optic lines throughout the neighborhood, bringing fiber to your curb. MVT can now start bringing the fiber from the curb into your home and hook you up to the best internet technology available. Once we are ready to install fiber to your home, we will contact you.

Lytle Ranch & Warm Springs: Fiber internet is coming! We expect to start the build out of fiber in these areas towards the end of 2022.

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